Golf Lessons

Head Coach Alex Rennick

Have you ever hit a ball on the course and had no idea why the ball did what it did? After just a couple lessons we will demystify the game of golf. If we want to get better the best place to start is impact. We’ll talk about the 5 fundamentals of impact and help diagnose what is keeping you from playing your best golf. 


Phone: (636)388-1700

Your first lesson is free - IN PERSON OR ONLINE


Golf Lessons


$125/Hour non members

$100/Hour members 

Lesson Packages:

Buy 5 get one free

$625- 6 Lessons Non member

$500- 6 Lessons member

4 Week Bootcamp:

$550 (8 Hours of instruction-See details below)


Break 80 Bootcamp

This 4 week program is designed for any level golfer serious about lowering their scores.

We will break down each area of the game in detail, track stats, discuss course management, and learn how to practice effectively.

Do you spend time practicing but struggle to lower your scores?

This program will help you pinpoint what is holding you back. 

Bootcamp Price: $550


-8 total hours of instruction

-4 Private Lessons

-Weekly group clinic x4(1 hour of instruction, and 1 hour of hitting balls on sim)

-18 Birdies Premium